3DMetri provides great tools for managing 3D printing quotes, orders and customers

3D Model Price

3D Model Price

The most curious subject for the customer is the cost of 3D printing. Quickly and effortlessly reaching this information will make your customer happy and will take you one step ahead.

Code in your web site

Customers won't be redirected to another web site All operations will be on your web site.

We charge you only when you get paid

You will pay for the system even if you earn from your customer. No setup cost. There are no additional costs or termination fees.

Flexible Price Formula

You can set up your own price calculation. Flexible Price Tuning will let you customize the quoting for your needs

Automated Emails

Your customers will be on the conversation for every state of the production with automated emails. You will not spend time on resending the same emails. You will also receive an email everytime you have an order.

White labeling

white labeling is our key decision. You can use your own logo your colors and your email formats

Credit Base Payment

We integrate the stripe payment system into our service. But we are not in the middle. You are using your own stripe account and we did not touch even cannot see any transaction. Payment to our system is credit base. You purchase some credit and we deduct from it on every successful payment you receive.
Interactive Pricing

Interactive Pricing

Your customer can change the material, layer height, infıills and finishing on the fly. They have the freedom to select every production parameter by seeing the cost-effectiveness.

3D Printability Check

3D Printability Check

You will have a chance to examine the uploaded files for 3D printability before charging your customer. This will prevent you from canceling the orders and refunds.

Fast Calculations

All the quoting calculations will run on the customer's web browser. No server loads in your infrastructure. No iframes but state of the art front end technologies will be on your web page.

Easy Setup

Easy integration to your existing web page. We also provide free support for integration.

Less files

No file uploads for quoting calculations. You will only receive files if your customer decides on order.